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Famous All-Electric Vehicle Owners: Just Who Owns those Electric Cars?

One of the things that caught my eye when I started to notice electric cars and scooters was the amount of magazine and paper articles featuring movie stars and their electric cars.

It seemed that everybody famous already had a Hybrid Toyota Prius - and now they were ramping up to buy supercar-performance Tesla Electric Car.

Why wouldn't they though? If you have all the money you would ever need then it's pretty easy to buy something as expensive as a Tesla Roadster!


People like George Clooney (my Mum likes him) was one of the first owners of the Tango T600 - one of the weirdest looking(and most expensive) electric cars around.


The actress Kristin Scott-Thomas (my Mum knows her)owns a Reva Gee Whiz which she uses to zip around the centre of London. Now there's a lady who doesn't care about fashion!


Talk show host Jay Leno (my Dad knows him) seems to own every car that has ever come out! Just some of the examples here are the early Detroit Electric Car (see the History of Electric Vehicles for more).


He also has a Tesla Roadster (I think this is his one - just without him in it).


I've also included a pic of him with the BMW 7 Hydrogen powered car (even though I think he just had it for a week).


Apparently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also have a BMW Hydrogen 7 car - but I think they might have just been test driving it.

Is there any one famous my age (or at least in their twenties) into electric? I wonder who is buying what and what they think of them. I'll add them in here when I find out more!

Everyone knows that a lot of celebrities are driving hybrids now because they somehow became cool, but theyíre really not helping the environment that much with them, all they're really doing is saving a bit of petrol nd working on their image. I mean if everyone drives a hybrid itís not exactly going to solve the problem of global warming forever and we're definitely still going to run out of oil sometime.

So I want to know who is going the extra mile and going fully electric, even if it messes up their superstar image and Iíll put them in my electric celebrity hall of fame for their troubles!

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