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Electric Scooter: Which Electric Moped is Best?

Now, even the best Electric Scooter is not my first choice when looking for an electric vehicle. I am ideally looking for an electric car. But I have been "encouraged" to stay open-minded. Maybe the best solution for our family and myself will be a combination of an Electric Car (maybe an electric car conversion) and the best Electric Moped available for our needs.

So, just like with Electric Cars, what I need to figure out is:
- What Electric Scooters are out there to buy at the moment?
- What should I look for to decide on the right one for me?
- And finally, what would be the best choice for me and my family?
Stand up electric scooter

Stand up Electric Scooters
are one type of available and are used by people of all ages. They could also be an option for using as your main transport but I think thats really only for the hardcore fans.

I recently went all the way up to Dublin from Cork at the other side of Ireland to visit an electric vehicle shop called Green Machines. They sell EVT, E-max and the powerful Vectrix Maxi-Scooter - and I had a chance to try some of them out.

electric scooter

The first bike I tried out was the EVT 4000E scooter. I have to confess that this was the first time - ever - that I have ridden an electric vehicle. I was waiting to be converted... Read about the EVT 4000E Electric Moped...

electric scooter

I next had a go on the EVT168 - a very pretty and sexy looking bike with lots of good colours, a 1960's look and a lot of chrome bits hanging off (well - not exactly hanging off, although I'd imagine this one would be a magnet for vandals and possibly thieves.) Read more about the EVT168...

electric scooter

I then went on to out the bigger E-Max 90s. Now this was more my size! I could actually stay on the bike when steering. Read more about E-Max 90s ...

electric scooter

But the real star for me was the Vectrix Maxi-scooter (when it says MAXI - it means it. This bike DWARVES the other ones I tried, both in terms of size and price) which is getting a lot of publicity lately. Read More about the Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter ...

electric scooter batteries

Have a look at my page on electric scooter batteries if you want to know a bit more about what powers your fast electric scooter.

So, that's it for now on the Electric motor Scooter - check back here as I'll be adding more as I test drive them.

Hopefully in the next few years we will start to see plenty of advancements in the batteries of electric scooters. It would be great if we could get them up to where the petrol scooters are at the moment, without the majority relying heavy lead-acid batteries.

p.s.You might also be interested in having a peak over at Electric Bicycles - not quite an electric moped, but I think you'll be surprised just how close they can be!

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