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The Electric Bicycle: Which Electric Bike is Best?

So, let's start with the advantages of an electric bicycle. Have you ever faced up to a hill on your Bicycle - thinking, oh no!! - and then as you just about think of getting off and pushing your heavy Bike up that Monster, something MAGIC HAPPENS!

A hand starts to push you at the bottom of your back. It's a STRONG AND GENTLE Hand. You are amazed as you look down at you peddling legs! They seem to be SUPER-POWERED all of a sudden!

electric bicycle

Welcome to the world of the Electric Bike!

Now, being having an image to maintain - I'm ultimately looking for an Electric Sports Car - high performance of course!

electric bicycle

I thought I left bicycles behind me when I was fourteen (we live in a very, very hilly area!) But I am including the Electric Assisted Bicycle in my search for the best all-electric vehicles as they seem to be a a really good value (cheap!) option and very suitable for our hilly area.

So I decided to have a look at:

  • Which Electric-Assisted Bicycles are on the market at the moment?
  • What should I look for in an Electric Bike to decide if it is the right one for me (or my Mum, Dad or sister)?
  • I took a look at the Electric bicycle motor. There's a lot of types out there and I want to make sure we get the best.
  • I also took a look at Electric Mountain Bikes.
  • And finally, what's the best choice for all of us?

When my Dad asked our local bicycle dealer about Electric Bicycles a few years back - the dealer gave him a funny look AND a whole list of reasons to run screaming from any offer of an Electric Bike.

electric bicycleWhen I started my search for the ideal electric vehicle, I wondered - Are Electric Bikes STILL sooo Bad?

I decided to take all of the reasons given - do a bit of research - and see if the reasons given were still problems. You can see my replies in the links below:

electric bicycleNow - I'm a NEWBIE when it comes to Electric Bikes - so I needed just try them out.

My first port of call for a roadtest was in the summer of 2008 to check out the PedElectric Range at Green Machines in Dublin - have a look at the link and see what happened.

The Verdict.
I think I need to get my hands on LOTS OF ELECTRIC BIKES and try them out in my neighbourhood (its a journey of 3 miles to the nearest shop - with lots of hills in between).

Watch this space for more!

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